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“Aries and I have been apart of Dream Xtreme for one year. We are so happy that we chose this organization. Aries has grown so much as a cheerleader. It’s been a joy watching Aries improve on her skills, thanks to Coach Gabby and Coach Dez. The coaches work diligently with each girl on the team.

Love the team, forever Gold, Purple, and Pink!"

-Tiara Wilcox, Aries' Mom


This picture means so much to me. This is a picture of my baby exercising. Not because I made her, but because she wants to be better. I started her out with an all star cheer team that my oldest has been a part of for 8 years. It was the best team for her. Not for Kaiya.  She never found herself there. We as a family are on a mission to be healthy and since she loves cheer, I knew she needed it. When I signed her up, I was nervous because she is so strong willed and smart it takes a coach that can match her. I found the right place. Thank you for requiring her to be her best self but also making her feel welcomed and loved like she's been on the team for years.

-Fachelle Gardner, Kaiya's Mom

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